Generally, most of chedis in Thailand since the Sukhothai era are built from mortar. However, this chedi is the first stainless steel chedi in the world. The official name is ?PhraMahathatChediTraiphopTraimongkon?. It is generally called ?Wat Stainless? or ?Chedi Stainless?.Located on the top of KhaoKho Hong mountain, on Punnakan Rd., HadYai district, Songkhla province, it was built on the occasio




Hatyai is one of the most popular cities in Southern Thailand. It is one of the most important tourism spot in the South and the visitors are usually from Malaysia and Singapore. For decades, many Malaysians and Singaporeans will have their short break in Hatyai for shopping, food and prayers.


Located in the City Municipality about 2.5 kilometers away from Thalat Supsin or Thalat Sot Thetsaban (fresh market), Leam Samila is best known for its powdery-sand beach, shady pine groves and is where Songkhla?s most famous mermaid statue is located. The beach is easily accessible either by Hat yai-Songkhla buses or takes the minibus from the city directly to the beach.Operating day: All DayOper


Hatyai Municality Park is a combination of forest and zoo The park is situated at Kanchanawanich road, Amphur Hatyai, Songkla and is part of the Kor Hong mountain. It is 1,462.40 square kilometers with many shady trees and colorful flowers.The area inside the park is divided orderly such as the bird garden which imitates a big bird cage with many large trees. There is also an area of reservoir sur


There is a Reclining Buddha at WatPhranonLaemPhoorPhranonLaem Pho temple. ThebiggestRecliningBuddha in Thailandis gold in color and it shimmers under the sun. It looks amazing for the size of the Buddha. For Buddhists, you can pray with joss stick available at a small fee. For others, you can take pictures with this spectacular reclining Buddha as part of the tourist attractions in KoYo in Songkhl


Night Market has been popular with shoppers as well. General Green Way A shop that has been most popular in London. It is a more modern fashion Whether it is fashion, or even second-hand clothes. There is also a shop selling jewelry. At a reasonable price And a variety of food as well.How to Go: To get there by personal car by public transport - Songhtaews (open backed trucks) or take a TukTuk&nbs


Hatyainai temple where ?PhraPhutthaHatthaMongkhon? is situated, a large reclining Buddha imags measuring 35 meters long, 15 meters tall, and 10 meters wide. It is highly revered by both thai and foreign tourists and it is believed to be the third largest reclining Buddha image in the world. How to go: By car,take a TukTuk or Take a white or blue Songthaew from the city center. The temple is just o


This market is selling wide assortment to choose the duty-free perfume, cosmetics, clothes, bags, appliances, watches, shoes, sunglasses, movie audio CD and various fruits.Toy Shop has plenty of other toys. Shopping is not boring. Appetizing aroma of roasted chestnuts or maybe a chocolate Delicious squid Stop drinking coffee Walking into the mall or are you eating Alley Savoy. Commercial district


Klonghae Floating Market is located in KhlongHae in Hat Yai. At the floating market vendors pack their wares onto small boats and jostle with each other for the attention of buyers alongside canals. There is large number of vendors selling a big variety of local Thai food and snacks. The market also has a campaign for the environment as the sellers use bamboo tubes, coconut shells, and clay pots i


Gim Yong Market is a local market in the center of Hat-Yai city. It is famous for it is imported snacks from Malaysia and Singapore. A lot of the imported snacks, like potato chips, are cheaper here than in the rest of Thailand. The market itself has many small stalls nestled on narrow alleyways. Here you can buy anything from clothes, fruit, snacks, nuts, food, fresh flowers and even make-up, per